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NS800 Porous Pro Plus

NS800 is the only sealant of its kind; it represents revolutionary weatherproofing protection for concrete products, porous stone and tile and soft or friable stone. NS800 makes treated substrates look better longer and last much longer. It strengthens and resists deterioration, repels water/salt water, is extremely deep penetrating, is a powerful consolidator, prevents efflorescence, and maintains the natural color of the substrate. NS800 significantly improves the protection afforded by conventional sealants for protecting concrete tiles and pavers, porous stone, soft or friable stone, brick, roof tiles, floor tiles, grout and more. NS800 is water based and meets VOC regulations. Use on patios, decks, walkways, driveways, floors, showers, decorative landscape stone, around swimming pools, spas and waterfalls, grout, indoors and outdoors.

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